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Unlock greater self-awareness and deepen your understanding of others using leading psychometric tools designed to support you forge even more effective relationships with your colleagues and your clients


Inspire, energise and focus your people and their performance with our experience led workshops and event facilitation services, researched and tailored to meet your specific development objectives


Navigate career transitions, achieve promotions and overcome professional challenges by partnering with an experienced coach and mentor for focussed 1-1 discussions on you and what you need to make you thrive.

The three stages of personal growth:

Discovery, Development, and Direction

At Dynamic Development we understand that no one individual, team or organisation has the
same development requirements. It is true that any of these will likely have both immediate and
longer-term challenges and opportunities, but we know that for our interventions to work it helps to develop an understanding of both current and required future performance.
That is why we have designed a flexible people development offering around three key pillars:

  • Dynamic Discovery Lays the foundations for our work together, using a selection of detailed
    conversations, psychometric profiling, assessment tools etc. From this, we are in a position to shine a spotlight on strengths, harness potential for growth and to support individuals and teams in building robust development plans which elevate performance. Our approach is to partner with you, so the time invested in this phase will vary depending on a number of factors, most of which can be determined in that first complimentary Discovery call.
  • Development: Building on the knowledge and understanding gained during the Discovery
    phase, a plan of action will be devised and followed through with you, drawing on a range of development techniques and activities including event and/or workshop design and facilitation. Whatever your plan entails you can be confident of it being tailored specifically to meet your current people development objectives.
  • Directions: included in this model because we know that the way ahead is often not as clear as anyone would wish, that options need to be explored and choices need to be made. With
    Directions we aim to support those navigating career re-direction, seeking promotion, embracing change, facing redundancy or returning to work from parental leave. By adopting a coaching and/or mentoring approach (your choice) we will help you prioritise what’s important to you, focus your efforts and plot a route map which gets you where you want to go.

Tailored and flexible are our watchwords here, we devise an intervention based on the
understanding gained from you. No two experiences will look or feel the same but each will be
designed to meet the specified development objectives.

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We offer a curated suite of services designed to help you reach your highest potential. Whether you’re an individual seeking self-discovery, a team in need of cohesive development, or an organisation striving for directional clarity, we have something tailored just for you. Explore our three core services below and embark on a transformative journey with us today.