Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

What came first the chicken or the egg dynamic development kim talbot

You’ve heard this age-old riddle – Chicken or the Egg?

Does it matter? Do we just accept that we don’t know, maybe don’t care?

Bear with me I’m going somewhere with this……..

When we apply that same thought process (or lack of) to whether we should train managers to manage before we leave them to it and heaven forbid, train leaders to be leaders before we let them loose, what might be the result?  Before I get caught up in slinging arrows at the current state of politics in the UK, let’s rein it in and say that not just me but many including the CMI in their Management 2020 report found that “the UK falls short in the leadership stakes”.

Management 2020 – Leadership to unlock long-term growth.pdf (managers.org.uk)

Now in my day it was very much sink or swim, you excelled at one role and suddenly your LM or someone else was encouraging you to go for promotion, for the title, for the usually pitifully small salary increment that accompanied a whole load more responsibility and guess what? It didn’t always turn out that well….not for want of trying but definitely for want of relevant training. Am I asking for sympathy? NO After all it could be argued that learning from experience is the best way of learning, but if as McKinsey & Co forecasted earlier this year “competition for talent will remain fierce in the UK”, surely, we can’t afford to continue that way?

Competition for talent will remain fierce in the UK despite economic uncertainty (mckinsey.com)

Clients sometimes ask what traits/skills they should be looking for when considering someone for a 1st step management promotion. There are so many ways to answer that, but the top 5 for me are:

Does that person want to be a manager, or are they happy excelling in their current role? (it’s well known that not all great sales consultants turn out to be good leaders of sales teams)

Have you given the individual opportunities to test and stretch their skill set over the past months?

Have you observed, discussed and provided constructive feedback or have you crossed your fingers and hoped? (No news is good news, right?)

Is the culture of your team and organisation strong enough to withstand this shift in roles?

When are you going to build succession planning and relevant, appropriate people development opportunities into your business model?

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” An old un but a good un! Not you Mr Branson of course!

Oh and that chicken conundrum? Don’t ask me, but you may find the answer here: Which came first: the chicken or the egg? | Live Science

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