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I’ve been focusing a lot on mentoring recently, working to develop and embed a company-wide mentoring framework. I’ve been fortunate to have 2 great Mentors (role models) during my career, people who have challenged me to continue striving to be the best version of myself and yet always making me feel that how I was in that moment was good enough.

In that way thanks to them I retained ownership of my development and didn’t beat myself up (too much); particularly helpful when navigating failure, something I had thought I should hide from others without realising that burying it for myself and others meant I wasn’t getting a balanced perspective and wasn’t using the experience, however difficult as a valuable learning opportunity, something in hindsight which impacted on my self-esteem. I didn’t stop doing things, but “fake it till you make it” was my mantra for all too long. 

Remember Mentors are there to support you through the challenges you might encounter, typically they have experience, tools and mechanisms you can utilise to help realise both your short- and long-term goals so why not make use of them.

Fast forward to today and I feel exceedingly privileged whenever I am asked to mentor a new client, indeed my DISC profile reports that “ I take a pride in the accomplishments of those I support and get real enjoyment from watching them grow professionally” and that is so very true, there really is nothing quite like it. Call it “finding my why”-thanks Mr Sinek:

That said in the midst of a busy life I may (just for a moment), overlook what might be in it for the Mentor and the Mentee. So yes, this film clip is about teacher and pupil not adult to adult mentoring, and yes in this instance it’s a huge outcome, but wow, just wow, wouldn’t we all want to be someone’s Mr Jenson?

“ A mentor is a brain to pick, a year to listen, and a push in the right direction

John Crosby

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