Are you risking throwing baby out with the bath water?


When was the last time you appreciated what your people and organisation are doing/achieving? I mean really APPRECIATE, not for the sake of practising gratitude (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing) rather turning your approach upside down for a while and focusing on reviewing, discussing and capturing:

  • The values, beliefs, and capabilities of our organization when it’s ‘at its best’
  • Collective understandings around what makes up the best of us.

After all, if we aren’t shining a spotlight on what’s working, plus how and why that’s most likely to be happening, how can we hope to replicate it?

More often than not companies approach me to help fix a perceived problem with their people, which always turns out to be only part of, or on occasion, not even the real picture (problem), which of course impacts on the effectiveness of the interventions chosen.

So on occasion, when beginning with a new client, with agreement from them we begin our conversation with a phase of Appreciative Inquiry.

Appreciative Inquiry came about as a direct challenge to the “fix it” approach, recommending that organisations took more of a strengths-based view of their performance or “affirmative approach” (Hammond 2013).

So AI (not to be confused with the current hot topic of Artificial Intelligence) can be a more enjoyable, positive yet no less effective way of identifying next development steps for an individual, team or organisation; which is all very different from dining out on mistakes and spending the majority of time in rescue and recovery mode.

Interested in finding out more about this approach? Great get in touch.

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