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Your Pathway to Personal Development, Innovation, and Success

Dynamic Development is more than a training service; We exist to be your partners. We help you elevate your personal development to achieve identifiable results.

Unlock greater self-awareness and deepen your understanding of others using leading psychometric tools designed to support you forge even more effective relationships with your colleagues and your clients

Inspire, energise and focus your people and their performance with our experience led workshops and event facilitation services, researched and tailored to meet your specific development objectives

Navigate career transitions, achieve promotions and overcome professional challenges by partnering with an experienced coach and mentor for focussed 1-1 discussions on you and what you need to make you thrive.

Meet Kim Talbot


With me, Kim Talbot, at the wheel, we take a consultative approach that’s all about bringing transformative changes to you, your team, and your entire organisation. I blend experiential facilitation with a dose of reflective practice, coaching, and mentoring. Together, we’ll elevate your personal development and make those results last.

Working with Kim is like having a personal navigator for your life and career. She just gets it—helping you find your 'aha moments' and turning them into real, lasting changes.

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Trusted By Those Who Value Real Transformation

Unlock your potential with a 1-1 complimentary report review

With knowledge comes power- Don’t let your psychometric report (DISC, Insights or Facet 5) collect virtual dust. If it’s been a while since you looked at your report, schedule a no-obligation call today and look forward to using the knowledge it could give you to overcome uncertainty, improve your ability to influence and take back control of your career.

Discovery Assessments

Unlock deeper self-awareness and actionable insights through our specialised psychometric tools, including the DISC full suite of DISC profiles.


Elevate your events from mundane to memorable with our custom-designed facilitation that sparks creativity, discussion, and meaningful outcomes.


Transform your team’s skills and strategies through workshops customised to your unique needs, fostering both individual growth and team cohesion.

Coaching & Mentoring

Confidential 1-1 support tailored to meet your needs helping you to navigate transitions, advance your career and overcome setbacks 

Training Programmes

Equip your team with the skills, techniques, ability and confidence to perform at their best. A training program with objectives and desired outcomes.


When you need an experienced set of eyes and a fresh perspective. Then let us work with you using a collaborative approach to find the best solutions for your people-focused business concerns

How It Works

How Our Personalised Approach Works

Embarking on your Dynamic Development journey is straightforward and enriching. Our three-step approach ensures you receive the transformational personal development you deserve.

Initial Consultation & Assessment

Discuss your goals and undergo a tailored assessment to pinpoint your unique needs.

Meet and approve your assistant

Receive a personalised roadmap, designed to guide you or your team to success

Implementation & review

Execute the plan, track your progress, and make data-driven adjustments as needed.

A Tailored Approach for Lasting Impact

Elevating Your Success: The Dynamic Development Way

At Dynamic Development, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We employ a variety of methods and tools to customise your personal development journey, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your objectives and needs. From individual consultations to large-scale organisational training, our flexible and adaptive strategies promise you sustainable growth and measurable success.

Client Satisfaction


Why Choose Us

Your Success, Our Priority

Choose us for personalised development, proven methods, and unwavering commitment to your growth journey—because your success is not just our job, it’s our passion.

Unparalleled Expertise

Developed across multiple sectors and years of practical experience. Expert dot joiners, ideas finders and captains of curiosity

Personalised Solutions

We make no apologies for asking lots of questions, it’s all about making sure we understand to suggest out-of-the-box solutions just for you

Measurable Outcomes

We are not fans of happy sheets, so we aim to be creative in collecting and sharing responses to development through discussions and recommendations.

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